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How would you like to wake up and have unwanted visitors attached to you...for life?

Fletcher the sea turtle is a curmudgeon, a loner. Barney and Barry are bickering barnacles looking for a home. They find Fletcher, attach themselves and their lives together begin, poor Fletcher. The trio’s relationship morphs as the three warm up to each other in their wacky situation.

While resting on the surface of the water, an odd looking bird lands on Fletcher’s shell. Babs the Dodo’s beaming face brightens their day and when she says goodbye and flies toward her island home, Fletcher is mesmerized. The threesome devise a plan for Fletcher to impress her and then the adventures really begin with an unpredictable journey that transforms Fletcher from a dull, uncaring soul into a dazzling hero.

“Barney and Barry, The Hitchhikers” is fun, has memorable characters and is a relevant story that’s a great way for children to learn strong messages and good habits for living their lives.